4 Steps to Get Office Automation ‘Right the First Time’

by ASG
4 Steps to Get Office Automation ‘Right the First Time’

Office automation uses software and hardware solutions to ease your workload. At its simplest, office automation may involve filtering your email inbox into organized folders. However, as your business expands, the number and scale of tasks needed to keep the business running increase exponentially.  Soon enough, you and your employees will find yourselves relying on the automation of your information to reduce storage space, speed retrieval and allows several employees to access the same data at the same time. You’ll also find that automation enables people with lower skill levels to perform higher-level tasks, such as when a clerk creates an attractive and compelling presentation by typing text into software templates that pull in third-party pictures, videos and music.

So, what’s the down side? Well, there are so many options out there for small business owners to choose from, and so it’s critical that when you do select your office automation system, you pick one that primed to fit within your business. You don’t want to have to shoe-horn a system into your pre-existing operations.

Decide on the tasks you want to automate. You don’t want to over-estimate the degree of automation necessary to carry out your business, efficiently, and then blow your budget on a really cool system that offers more than you require.  When you’re shopping for office automation systems, look first for the systems within your budget that can perform the work. A little can go a long way, here.

Consider a rental or lease, rather than a purchase. Again, as much time and money as you’ll save once you begin implementing your office automation system, you don’t want to make a budget-busting purchase that you’ll have to dig yourself out of. Why create more work for yourself? A rental will enable you to try out office automation temporarily in a real-world environment. Try a few systems, and see how you like the way they operate. Furthermore, the beauty of technology is that it’s continuously improving, so you might be able to upgrade your system by replacing components on an as needed basis, rather than selling your old system when it becomes obsolete.

Find out if you vendor offer office automation training and support. Will your vendor visit the office to teach your staff to use the system for free? Is it available to repair the equipment if it goes down during business hours? If you’ve found the perfect system, but it’s customer support services aren’t up to par, don’t let that break the deal! You can always enlist the help of your third-party IT provider to come in and provide training and or as-needed repairs. In fact, if you’re in need of a purchase consultation, the likes of Applied Synergy Group can take care of that, too! The name of the game is time and cost-savings, after all.

Invest in expert IT help. Office automation is a great way to save time and money while protecting your most important business information and taking care of basic office functions. What’s the catch? Only that it requires expert setup, implementation, and sometimes, maintenance. As you begin to research your options, you may find your vendor lacking in these areas, as alluded to above. The good news is that Applied Synergy Group is an expert at office automation. We’ve watched it pay off in the long run for small businesses time and time again.

If you’re really interested to exploring the full potential of office automation software and hardware, contact us today for a brief consultation! Not only do we monitor your networks and ensure that everything is up to-date and running smoothly, we also try to understand your business processes in order to implement office automation systems that make your employees more productive and help you make more money over time. That’s the Applied Synergy Group guarantee.