4 Ways Remote Monitoring and Management Can Improve Your Business Productivity

by ASG

We all rely on our computers to get work done. In a way, our performance at work is contingent on the performance of the equipment we deploy to conduct that work. That’s where remote monitoring and management (RMM) systems come into play, improving business productivity by providing continual, remote support to customers in need of the assurance that their IT service provider will immediately recognize signs of network trouble and take the appropriate action, before their workflow is disrupted. From network security to overall cost-savings within your IT department, here are five ways in which remote monitoring and management can influence the success and productivity rates of your business.

Remote monitoring and management saves money and makes money.

Essentially, a remote monitoring and management system is a group of IT tools, loaded onto your company workstations and servers, which gather information about the applications and hardware operating, therein. These tools automatically supply activity reports to your IT service provider, logging the performance of your company’s hardware and software, and sending timely alerts if problems arise. The proactive nature of this IT equipment effectively eliminates hiccups from your workflow, which saves you time and improves your overall business productivity –now that you’ve got one less business asset to worry about.

Plus, the money you save by doing away with last-minute equipment replacements or preventing collateral damage incurred by unnoticed network vulnerabilities, goes right back into your pocket, where you can put it toward other profit-generating resources.

Real-time alerts address your network issues, immediately.

Remote monitoring and management systems are effective 24/7, and because the process is automated, alerts are sent at any time to ensure that any irregularities within your IT infrastructure network are addressed, immediately. Consistent remote monitoring and management resolves issues with minimum latency, even in the middle of the night, thus effectively reducing downtime between the corrections and updates needed to reduce any potential damage to your business productivity.

Remote monitoring and management prevents issues before they escalate.

As soon as an issue arises, your IT service provider will take immediate action to ensure the problem does not result in diminished business productivity or damage to your network system. In fact, issues affecting your IT infrastructure are often recognized and fixed long before the user or customer notices that there is a problem – freeing you and your employees to focus your energies and resources on more pressing business processes, like marketing and sales.

Up-to-date patches and maintenance keep your network secure.

In addition to fixing issues, remote monitoring and management solutions offer highly effective management and maintenance functions which include the deployment of operating system updates, antivirus updates, and the defragmentation of hard disks. Again, automated alerts sent out to your IT service provider ensure that these updates are initiated exactly on time, eliminating any disruption to your day-to-day workflow and enhancing your business productivity.

All cost-effective business processes are a boon to business productivity.  The goal of every remote monitoring and management system is to optimize your time and protect your resources. The less time you spend worrying about the security of your IT infrastructure or trying to handle its functionality on your own, the more time you can devote to your other critical business operations – providing secure services to your clients, and generating leads.

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