5 Things To Do Right Now If You’ve Been Hacked

by ASG
5 Things To Do Right Now If You’ve Been Hacked

1. Change your password immediately.

Tip: Never reuse old or similar passwords. Even if you’re not hacked, it’s smart to change passwords every once in a while. 

2. Turn off your Wi-Fi. 

Tip: If you’re on a laptop, there’s a switch on the side to instantly turn off Wi-Fi. Don’t use the option on your computer to turn it off, the hackers could use malware to trick you. This stops the hacker from communicating on the network. 

3. Un-link your social media accounts. 

Tip: You have probably authorized some apps to use your social media sites.  If you have been hacked, the hacker may have linked to their own accounts with your noticing.  

4. Check your finances.

Tip: The main reason hackers go through this trouble is for money. Usually, they’re looking for credit card information or access to an account with your money in it.

5. Tell people. 

Tip: Let people know you’ve been attacked so they don’t interact with anything from your accounts. You can save someone from going through the same trouble easily by letting people know. 

If you believe that your information has been compromised, call Applied Synergy Group immediately. 1 (781) 262-3849. We can help guide you and discuss setting up initiatives to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.