Are You Letting Hackers Into Your Mobile Devices?

by ASG
Are You Letting Hackers Into Your Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices have taken over the workplace within the past few years: from laptops to tablets to smartphones and so on and so forth. Things just aren’t as simple as they used to be…

Mobile devices have taken over the workplace within the past few years: from laptops to tablets to smartphones and so on and so forth. Things just aren’t as simple as they used to be…

…Which isn’t always the worst thing. We’ve increased office efficiency and productivity but that increase in utilization has brought about major security concerns. The problem with these devices is that they almost automatically intertwine work life and personal life which opens your business security to a lot of user-end mobile security threats. These are the types of things that we normally do on total accident, but unfortunately creates a huge opportunity for hackers across the globe. Look at the list below!

User-End Mobile Cybersecurity Threats

  • Lost or stolen devices

You start the day with your phone in the same pocket, safe and sound; but, somehow, by the end of the day that pesky phone is nowhere to be found! It happens, we’ve all been there. The whole process of looking and not finding, then having to get a whole new phone can be extremely irritating. What we don’t think about is the amount of personal and business information on that phone. From credit card information to network passwords, attackers are extremely sophisticated and use forensic techniques to steal your data, even the stuff you thought you deleted! It’s important that you have the ability to wipe your phone clean if you do happen to misplace the darn thing. Learn how here – iPhone and Android .

  • Bad habits

If you use the same Wi-Fi along with the rest of your office, it’s bound to be slow at some point which increases the temptation to switch off the (hopefully) protected Wi-Fi and use your 4G so you can get more work done in a shorter amount of time. In terms of productivity, bravo! In terms or cybersecurity, not so much. You’ve opened up your information to millions of cyber thieves across the globe. Habits like this one and not updating your phone upon first recommendation are the types of user errors that create perfect opportunities for hackers. Here are some more mobile security tips from ASG.

  • Phishing scams

Hackers can hack your phone through a phishing scam similar to the way it’s done through email. The hacker can gain access to information (financial, business, personal) through fake apps or by using seemingly genuine SMS messages that include links. Learn more about ways you can combat email phishing scams here .

There are ways our mobile devices can be compromised that have absolutely nothing to do with us or our actions. This is done through malicious code. Trojans, worms, and viruses are now being created just for mobile devices. Normally, this type of attack goes through the user (by phishing) but there are now certain cases where there isn’t any sort of user interaction at all. These types of attack are usually protected against by the apps privacy settings, but it’s still a safe bet to triple check your location/privacy settings.

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