How Network Management Services Can Benefit Your Business

by ASG
How Network Management Services Can Benefit Your Business

Are you dealing with spyware? DNS errors? Bandwidth limits?

1 in 10 organizations without a network monitor spend 30 working days per year addressing IT issues. Are you one of them?

The truth is, many small businesses are overwhelmed by their IT needs and when you add new technologies into the mix, things can get tricky.

But here’s the good news. In a fast-moving world, network management services are an excellent option for meeting your business demands, without draining your budget, time or energy!

Sound good? Then let’s take a closer look. Here are 8 ways that network management services can benefit your small business or non-profit.

Let’s jump straight in.

1. New Technologies

It’s 2018. If you’re not keeping up with the rapid changes to the IT world, your setup will become outdated, fast.

The result will be one of two things. Extra cost or extra problems. Sometimes it’s both.

Managed network services can take the pressure off your company, by making sure you use all the latest tech equipment, software, and hardware, to keep your business moving in the right direction.

For example, 94% of small business users believe mobile devices make them more efficient. As such, managed network solutions often include mobile support to help secure your data, without excessive burden to your IT devices or compromising on speed.

2. Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

Network management companies proactively monitor and maintain your networks. In doing so, they make sure that performance is optimal and that your business is safe and cost-efficient, at all times.

Many different issues can compromise network stability and efficiency, and effective control of this requires routine maintenance. When using a network management company, much of this is done ‘behind the scenes’ while your business continues to operate as usual.

Here are some of the benefits:

Limited Downtime

Constant monitoring means potential problems are recognized early, and your chances of experiencing downtime are very low. If it does happen, it’s typically brief and damage is largely mitigated.

Quick Response Time

As network management services monitor your system on a regular basis, they’re ready and prepared to act as soon as a problem starts to arise. Simply put, this proactive approach to network performance also serves as a defense mechanism.

Better Performance

With routine monitoring, issues are recognized and dealt with before they can snowball into more significant problems. For you, that means a smooth and seamless network performance, every time.

3. On-Demand Remote IT Support

In-house IT support is expensive. Most small businesses and nonprofits just can’t afford the luxury. But by outsourcing to a network management company, you can enjoy the same technology, at a cheaper cost.

Network management services provide a remote team of IT professionals and completely eliminate your need for an in-house, IT infrastructure. This remote team can be on call around the clock and in many cases solve your issues just as fast as an in-house team.

4. In-Office Support

In addition to remote support, many network management services also offer in office support as an additional add-on. This may include in-person expert consultations, desktop support services, and monthly check-ins.

For those with limited budgets, this can be a lifesaver. With in-office support, you’re able to limit your outlay, while also enjoying hands-on assistance when required, and a more relaxed remote option on a day-to-day level.

5. Reduced Costs

You might be surprised to know that using a managed network service is likely to reduce your IT spend. It’s nothing to scoff at, either. The value of these costs can amount to approximately $40,000 worth of upgrades and enhancements.

Here’s why:

Fixed Costs

As fixed cost expenses, your IT costs are much more predictable. Ultimately, this gives you a greater degree of control over business finances and helps make budgeting easier. Plus, you only pay for what you use, so there are no concerns about overspending.

Cheaper Upgrades

As upgrades are handled internally by the service company, you can expect more affordable costs than when opting for an independent, external solution.

Reduced Labor Costs

Hiring staff doesn’t come cheap. Save the money by outsourcing instead, and invest the saved capital elsewhere. Pay for a network management service and it’s their responsibility to hire, train and support staff who are capable of solving your problems.

6. Security Protection & Backups

Are you working in line with PCI security standards? Using Cat5e or Cat6 cabling? When did you last update your firewall?


Using a management service is an excellent way to ensure you maintain government compliance with regards to security and data protection. These services will enhance your security across your entire network chain and protect you from:

  • Inappropriate web content
  • Viruses
  • Spam
  • Malware

As such, you’ll be much less likely to have private data compromised.

Self-managing these issues is a minefield, and failure to adhere to data protection standards can put you in hot water, and ruin your brand reputation. It’s not worth the risk.

Plus, network management services also include regular and comprehensive backup facilities, allowing you to secure, store, protect and archive your data efficiently. In the meantime, if you’re yet to adopt a full backup plan, you should get straight to it. Here are four important factors you should consider when protecting against cyber attacks.

7. Reduced Risk

You can also consider the value of managed network services in terms of risk management.

By choosing to outsource, you significantly reduce the risk of adverse outcomes, due to the expertise of the service providers. This includes years of experience in the IT industry, staff with the relevant installation certifications, training, and a solid understanding of associated government regulations.

8. Focus & Peace of Mind

Your resources are limited, and so is your time. So why stress yourself or your colleagues with the added pressures of making IT decisions?

Network management services let you stick to what you know best, while they do the hard work. Aside from the monetary saving, the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re safe, secure and high-performing, makes this a no-brainer.

Focus on your own business strategy, without worrying about the resources you need to do it.

Using Network Management Services


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