How the Best IT Support Team Treats Their Clients

by ASG
How the Best IT Support Team Treats Their Clients

There are IT support teams out there that only care about how many products and services they sell and how much money they make.

On the opposite end, there are support teams that care first about their customer’s satisfaction, and less about how much they sell. They end up selling more because their customers refer them to others. Their customer service is so great that people can’t stop talking about them.

That’s how the best support teams treat their clients. By putting them first. Let’s look at other ways they provide valuable and unparalleled service.

The Best IT Support Teams

Customer care is important for any company, but especially for companies that are dealing with IT support. It can be frustrating if you have a serious computer problem and no one answers your phone calls or emails.

Phone Call Support

What happens if the IT support team you hire promises to provide excellent customer service when you call, and then you always get voicemail when you call, or no one calls you back?

This type of customer service is unacceptable. Without have proper measurements or evaluations of the service you’re receiving, it’s hard to tell where they need to improve.

The best customer service evaluates and measures the average duration of a call and the average handle time. Amongst others, having analytics of customer success measurements can help teams learn where they are weak and need to improve.

It helps to set goals and reach specific benchmarks. It’s important that you do proper research before hiring an IT support team. If they have a low customer satisfaction rating or people are complaining about Yelp about them never calling you back, these are both red flags.

Ask around, see what other people have to say about the companies you’re interested in working with.

Not Rushing

When you are on the phone with customer support, you should never feel like you’re being rushed. If you don’t feel like you’re getting the support you need, it could discourage you from calling when you have an issue.

Support teams that treat their clients like actual people and not just a problem to be solved make clients feel cared about. Clients give time and money to a place they expect to help and deserve to be taken care of.

Average Hold Times

IT support teams who measure average hold times can actually be detrimental to their customers. If all the team cares about is the analytics that management is analyzing, they will try to take shortcuts or make mistakes on tickets.

The best customer support provides shorter phone calls without taking shortcuts, making mistakes, or making inappropriate assumptions. They take their time to understand the client’s problem and implement the right solution.


IT support teams that have an expected response timeline they set for clients provides a way to measure if they are hitting their goal. If they say they will respond within 2 hours and it takes them a day or two to respond, this sets false expectations for customers.

Setting realistic timelines for the priority level of the problem is crucial. Clients need to know when their problem is going to get solved, and support teams need to be able to schedule it in.

How The Best Teams Support Clients

What are the highest valued characteristics that clients look for in a support team? There are a few aspects that are important to have in your IT support dream team.


One of the most important things to look for is the personality of the company. If the company doesn’t have good morale or lacks charisma, they aren’t the best.

Good businesses have employees that are enthusiastic about what they do, love their jobs, and are knowledgeable about their field. Excellent tech support knows who you are, who you work for, remembers your name and uses it to address you when you call.

They know past tickets you’ve submitted so they can respond appropriately to problems as they arise, and note if this is something that has happened in the past.


Having patience is a key value to have in a support team. Dealing with computer and technology issues can be frustrating, especially when you’re not sure what the issue is. Diffusing the situation by exercising empathy and ensuring that the problem will help clients know you’re on their side.

Multiple Ticket Support:

Offering several different ways for the customer to contact them as a company helps with communication. They may find they can’t get through via the phone, but they can submit a support ticket online.

Other options include having a live chat system, an FAQ page, or documents that explain solutions to common problems.

Intelligent Staff:

The last thing an IT support team needs to have is the skill and knowledge to solve problems.

The best IT companies will hire people who have extensive background knowledge in IT, appropriate schooling, and real-life experience. If IT teams don’t know what they are talking about and how to help people, then they aren’t providing value to the customer.

Hiring the Right Business

All of the above guidelines are a resource so you can analyze if the people you are working with are providing the best possible support.

Are they responsive to you? Are they understanding and empathetic? Do they listen to your problems? Are they intelligent enough to solve your problems?

If you answered no to any one of those questions, the team you have is not giving you the best customer service and support you deserve. Your team will be less productive and be unhappy if you continue to stay with them!

The customer should always be treated right like they are human. If you want this kind of outstanding service because you aren’t receiving it, contact us today.