New Year’s Resolutions that will Change your Business in 2018 for the Better

by ASG
New Year’s Resolutions that will Change your Business in 2018 for the Better

Generally the phrase, “New Year’s Resolutions,” is reserved for those nagging things we all want to push ourselves to do in the coming year like lose weight or exercise more. However, there are a few New Year’s resolutions you should implement to give your business a boost in the coming year too.

1. Re-evaluate your mission statement and goals for the year.

Your mission statement should show your company’s purpose. It displays the fundamental reason for your company’s existence in the world. Take time to re-evaluate your mission statement this quarter to make sure it is in alignment with the goals for your business. Also, review your goals to ensure they are reasonable and attainable. Your business goals should lead your organization in the direction you want to see for growth and profitability.

2. Ask and listen to feedback from your teams and clients.

Is your business on track? Is it providing the products and services your clients want? What about your employees, do they have the tools they need to be successful in their day-to-day activities? How is productivity? Now is the time to ask your clients and employees what they think. Gather the responses and implement new tools to help guide your company in the coming year.

3. Investigate technology solutions to fit your growing needs.

Can your current structure grow and evolve to the level of business you need to succeed this year? Audit your entire network in terms of software and hardware to see if your systems are ready to grow. You may need more software licenses or even space on your server to support more users in the coming year. If you’re adding new workers regularly, streamline the process with a standardized setup for new machines. Don’t forget to include things like antivirus protection, regular monitoring, and updates.

4. Make a roadmap to achieve more.

Ready to hit a higher profit margin? Pushing your organization to the next level? Make a roadmap to achieve your goals. Start by reviewing the feedback from your employees and adjust any weak links in your processes. Your roadmap may include things like hardware replacements/enhancements, software upgrades, or even additional resources like new software, printers, or monitors. Provide the best resources for your staff to perform their best work.

5. Invest in your own success.

No one ever said business is cheap or easy. Be prepared to invest in your success. Budget for your IT needs to build your company from the inside out. A firm foundation will ultimately lead your staff to more productive work habits and more efficient day-to-day activities. Providing good tools is just the beginning though. Ongoing management and support are essential to keep your operations running smoothly.

6. Safeguard your business.

Have you ever heard that old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Business networks are an active, ever changing, and growing piece of your business. Put preventative measures in place to safeguard your business. Check your network to see if your computers and servers are up-to-date with all the necessary patches and security measures for the next phase of growth. Look for holes in your network and firewall, make sure your company information is stored appropriately, and implement an automatic off-site back-up solution.

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