Selecting the Best Fundraising Software with Your SMB Technology Partner

by ASG
Selecting the Best Fundraising Software with Your SMB Technology Partner

As a nonprofit, fundraising capabilities are your lifeblood. But you’re limiting your returns if you’re not using the right software. Get the best fundraising software with the help of a knowledgeable technology service provider.

Fundraising software runs the gamut in how it services nonprofit organizations. It integrates with operations helping you to manage key areas of the process. These include donor, accounting, and volunteer management, among others.

The best software will support all dimension of fundraising efforts. Holistic association management software supports fundraising management and its operational requirements.

But how can you be sure you’re leveraging the best fundraising capabilities? And how can you justify software adoption to your board members? Partner with a technology service provider for nonprofits and SMBs to help you through this process.

Your fundraising operations are unique to your organization. You may be targeting certain types of donors. You may have regulatory requirements you need to meet in an economical way.

It’s easy to adopt the flashiest solution on the market. You may find that these solutions provide benefits you don’t even want. You may find they don’t even provide benefits you need.

There are technology partners that can help you select the best fundraising software. You will encounter teams that only want to sell software. A winning team will get to know your organization and the exact solution it needs.

In many ways, you should start by shopping for an partner rather than software. Selecting the right team is critical to fundraising software selection. The right team will provide unmitigated support to ensure the product works best for you.

You and your team won’t start by listing the leading market solutions. You’ll conduct a needs assessment so they can learn more about what you do. They’ll learn the scope of operations and your barriers to success.

For example, thousands of people may be making small donations. It’s uneconomical to service them manually. You might not have the staff to engage them either.

You might need automated services that nonetheless personalize experiences for donors. Your technology partner can help you identify a cost-effective solution that supports this. They will take this approach to all other needs as well.

What about managing donor records, events, data sources, and others? Not all of these will factor into your fundraising operations. Your partner can help you find software that best supports those that do.

7 Ways a Technology Partner Will Help You Choose the Right Software

It’s easy to select fundraising software from a short list of solutions. But that choice will affect your organization for months or years to come. You must take steps to ensure it’s the right one.

We’ve identified seven things to look for in a potential partner and services provider. This upfront investment will save you pain and money in the future. It will help maximize the value of your fundraising as well.

1. Partners with You for a Strategic Approach

Many service providers will approach you with a sales attitude. They may have existing partnerships that motivate their decisions. Avoid companies that don’t start with a willingness to learn about your operations.

Start critiquing providers’ attitudes from the start. Ensure they share an interest in the success of your cause. Your success should be rooted in all software decisions.

2. Conducts Needs and Goals Assessments

Potential technology partners should start by listening to your needs. The should learn as much as possible about your strategy, operations, and donor types. Knowledgeable providers will identify the best solution in short time.

You must also provide as many details as possible. Provide them a with a complete assessment before you first meet. Pay attention to the questions they ask and pose questions of your own.

3. Familiarizes with Your Infrastructure

A good partner will learn as much as possible about your existing technology. They should identify every shortcoming and possible integration. Be wary if they only ask for minimal details.

You want a solution that integrates seamlessly with your operations. Anything short of that will cause irreconcilable problems in time.

4. Identifies the Best Solutions for Your Needs

Your partner now has your needs assessment. They have a clear understanding of your infrastructure and goals. They should show how their solution will accommodate all of these.

Don’t be surprised if your team’s solutions aren’t the most popular on the market. They will select the software that best fits your environment. They’d be doing you a disservice if they chose something pricey but ill-fitting.

5. Helps You Make a Case for Your Board

Your technology partner should know you have to sell your solution internally. They should provide you with justifications when you speak to the board. Their success should hinge on the board’s approval.

This will depend on how well the solution meets your needs. The board will conduct an in-depth cost-benefit analysis. If they find the operational and growth benefits outweigh the expense, you’re in.

6. Assists with Licensing

Adopting new software calls for lots of paperwork. Your partner should help with this process. Ensure from the start they are willing to invest in it.

The best technology partner will streamline licensing. They should have familiarity with the product to make this possible. You should enjoy a frictionless experience and onboard your solution quickly.

7. Integrates Your New Fundraising Software

Ready to put your technology into action? Part of your partner’s job is making sure it works. That means integrating it with all touchpoints involved in its processes.

Your team won’t become a part of your fundraising operations. But they should come as close as possible to having a stake in your success. Ensure they share your end goal–ongoing, successful fundraising–from the start.

Form a Long-Term Partnership with Applied Synergy Group

As a nonprofit, your technology needs don’t stop at fundraising. Synergy Group partners with organizations for a holistic approach to those needs. We provide all-inclusive business solutions that service all aspects of your infrastructure.

Partner with Applied Synergy Group for your next fundraising software initiative. Then, consider what value we can add to the rest of your technologies. Contact us for a free consultation.