Why ASG Managed Services?

ASG provides top quality, managed IT support services in all of the United States. Serving as your IT department, we manage your technology so that you can focus on what you do best. So, why should you choose a managed services provider?

Lower IT Costs, and a Predictable, Scalable IT Budget

ASG’s cuts customer cost by 40% versus in-house IT. ASG’s managed IT support services are priced on a predictable, fixed monthly fee based primarily on the number of employees in your organization.

Coverage for Mac, PC, and Mobile Devices

ASG supports all of your employee’s devices, from Mac and PC to phones and tablets or laptops

Backup and Disaster Recovery

ASG ensures that your data is backed up – both in your office and in the cloud.

Superior Support, Fast Remote and Reliable On-Site Service

ASG resolves 99% of issues with rapid response remote support. If in the rare case you need a technician in your office we’ll dispatch one right away no matter where your business is located in the USA.

Reporting and Transparency

ASG provides real time reporting on backup, system availability, hardware and software inventory, vendors, projects, tickets, and more. It’s your system; you’ve got a right to know if it’s working.

What’s Not Included?

ASG supports routine business activity from the setup to the decommissioning of your computer systems. One-time events such as office moves and major installations are billed separately as projects. Hardware is not included unless you are on one of our “HaaS” plans.

Broad Scope of Knowledge

ASG’s team has a wide range of background and training that can’t be replaced with a single hire or small team.

Security and Policy

ASG protects your network against intrusion, malware, viruses, spam, and other hazards while allowing your employees access to the work they need, when they need it. And we provide a full set of IT policies to keep your organization audit compliant.

What the Onboarding Process Like?

The transition to ASG’s Managed IT Support Services is easy, with no required disruptions to your employees.

ASG IT Service

ASG’s customers include the best nonprofit and small businesses. Contact us for a full proposal of our managed IT support services, or fill out our Contact form.

More About Managed Services

Technology continues to evolve at lightning speed, and the options grow exponentially. Most businesses do not have the time or expertise to assess all these options, not to mention the distraction and the risk that can result from adopting technologies that are not reliable or cannot meet your companies needs. ASG curates your technology so you can focus on your business goals.

ASG works with dozens of technology partners to provide an all-inclusive suite of services for our customers. Our solution provides all essential infrastructure and applications for your business or nonprofit. For over 10 years, ASG’s platform has been built on enterprise best practices and network security. However, because the needs of our customers are constantly changing, we are continually assessing emerging technologies and add the services our customers need to stay competitive once we have found the most appropriate and reliable technology solutions.

Additionally, our Boston IT support team specializes in these ‘partner’ applications in order to provide your employees with a fast, reliable, managed IT support service. Because our platform is built using these partner applications, our tech support team includes specialists in these technologies and are very efficient at supporting them for your organization.Because of our relationships with our vendors, we are able to provide $40,000 worth of upgrades that most small businesses and nonprofits typically do not – or cannot – take advantage of due to high cost of investing in and maintaining these solutions with a traditional in-house IT department. With these upgrades offered as part of ASG’s IT services, customers typically experience immediate superior functionality and data protection. ASG can also provide faster deployment of technology to quickly meet your organization’s changing needs. When needed, additional technological resources can be available to you in a matter of hours instead of the weeks it would take most in-house IT departments to order hardware, load the software and install the servers.

From enterprise business solutions, to data back-up and restore, to remote access and email solutions…ASG works with its partners to provide these Boston IT support services – and more ­– as part of our all-inclusive service. And with unlimited customer support included in the fee, we have a strong incentive to select partners that help us provide your organization with technology that is reliable and user-friendly. Contact us today to learn more about our managed IT support services.



  • On-site and Remote Support
  • Email and Communications
  • Work-from-Anywhere Mobility
  • Secure Wireless Networking
  • Data Backup and Restore
  • Network Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Server Management and Support
  • Robust Network Hardware
  • Scheduled Proactive Patching and Optimization
  • Asset Management and Monitoring
  • Documentation and Business Intelligence
  • IT Management and Security Policies
  • Strategic IT Consulting

Can ASG save you money?

ASG customers save up to 60% with ASG’s IT Solution with our all-inclusive service and streamlined infrastructure.

Get our free IT policy & security starter kit

ASG has developed an IT Policy & Security Guide that provides sample IT policies, security guidelines and other tools that your organization can use as a starting point when managing your IT.